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Total Life Changes promotes all natural and organic health and wellness products that can change your life in entirety. The philosophy
behind their products is simple. As the human body ages, it needs to be replenished with vitamins and nutrients that are vital to one’s health. 
Maintaining a healthy weight, diet and complexion becomes increasingly difficult as we grow older. As do finding the energy to accomplish 
our daily and nightly ambitions. From start to finish, we have the products you need to improve and maintain your health each day.

The Product line ranges from Nutritional Supplements, Weight Loss, Skin Care and more! 

The Signature Product Iaso™ Weight-Loss Tea – A Natural Detox  
Get your body in shape!  Drink 2 cups of Iaso™ Tea a day & lose 5 pounds in 5 days!!  

Thousands of people have already benefited from their signature line of Iaso™ Weight-Loss Tea.  This unique all-natural blend of

9 essential herbs is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and some really nasty parasites.
Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results.
People are happy because they are finally losing the
unwanted pounds and inches. 
Some people called this amazing drink “a miracle” tea.

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Why TLC is the right opportunity!  The Health & Wellness Industry has been predicted to become a Trillion Dollar Industry.
Position yourself to get a piece of that growth and you’re done.

Join us as a distributor, share these products with others, and earn income from home. As a distributor, we simply share our 
personal testimonies of how the products are working for us and share the passion and vision we have for what we do, with

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